What is Our Role?

We support your business to grasp the attentions of customers and help your business to produce handsome revenue by creating animation marketing videos. Videos we designs reveal the value of your products in front of viewers, grasp their attention and convince them to buy your quality products.

2D Animation Videos

2D animation is the most simple, unique and efficient way to present ideas in front of viewers.

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3D Animation Videos

3D animation is the development of 2D animations presenting things more vivid and close to the real.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a procedure where artist draw imaginative story and storyboard with pictures on a whiteboard and record them using cameras during the process of artwork.

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Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography or motion typography is an animation art to integrate text with different motion layouts

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“with premium quality and flexible price”

Why People Choose Equinox?

Our clients are like business partner for us. We take care of our business partners in sense of designing explainer marketing corporate marketing videos for their businesses. To fulfill their objective of growing their businesses we are always with them and help them and take steps with them.

Because of these following reasons our clients choose us:

  • Offer Premium Quality.
  • Save money and deliver work within time.
  • Reliable and trust worthy.
  • Experienced enough to complete with given¬†requirements.
  • We believe in Customer Satisfaction.
  • We offer flexible pricing
  • Free consultations to discuss ideas.