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At Equinox, our main focus is to help you create high animation explainer videos to achieve your marketing objectives and to help you convert more customers. We run extra miles for your business in performing our animation services to help you grow your business and to create healthy relations.
Creation process complete in three steps involving:

  • Analyzing your requirements and objectives.
  • Storyboard and script planning.
  • Designing of animation videos with our extraordinary magical skills.

On the other hand, you can also participate by giving suggestions after watching the delivered video.

It depends on the size of the projects but in the creation of animation videos that will literally help clients to attain their sales and marketing goals, usually, it takes 3 to 5 weeks to complete the project upon confirmation of script.
To create effective videos that actually help clients in achieving goals takes times. So it will be best not to rush for the completion. However, if you need it urgently, it is possible too. There will be an increase of the production cost at about 50%.
Price of animation video depends upon the length and complexity level of video. Usually, for a 60 seconds video, the price range from $1500 up to $3000 depending upon the complexity of the video.  You are welcome to fill in the questionnaire for an estimation.

Links: https://equinox.typeform.com/to/qtJRFm

Firstly, we will meet you to discuss your requirements. After this, we will send you the rough design of the projects. Depending upon projects we require advance payment using following rules:

  • 50% advance payment if project total cost is less than $5,000.
  • 40% advance payment if project total cost is between $5,000 and $7,000.
  • 30% advance payment if project total cost is more than $7,000.
After completion of the following three phases:

  • Analysis of your requirements and objectives.
  • Storyboard and script planning.
  • Designing of animation videos.

The video will be delivered with the option of two free rounds of revisions on the animation only.   There will be no revision for voice over.  You will watch the videos and if anything needed to be changed we will change it. After two rounds of revisions, there will be cost incurred depending on the complexity and amount of work. So it would be good for you to list down all the changes needed instead of sending us changes 1 after another.

In case you find new concepts and anything else related to project and want us to revise the project then, no problem at all. You are more than welcome to come with queries will be happy to help you. Revisions are also the part of work and project policy. Usually, we provide two free revisions but depending upon the size of the project we will provide certain free rounds of revisions.

In case the free numbers of revisions are over, we will not refuse you but will still continuously help and will provide revisions at following rates:

  • For script change we will charge $100.
  • For voice over recording, we will charge $200.
  • For one scene change in storyboard, we will charge $100.
  • For one change in style board illustrations, we will charge $100 but still depending upon the length of the scene.

Revision may take 3 to 5 working days depending upon the size of revisions, so it makes us difficult to manage time. Clients are requested to briefly go through projects and write down all the changes they want to reduce the number of revisions.

Of course you (client) will have the copyrights of video. We will deliver final video when it will be completed and you will have the copyrights to use it wherever or whenever you want.
By default, the video will be provided in  High Definition HD format 1080p  but we can provide video in any kind of format you select. If you select a specific format or in case you are not aware of video formats then please let us know, we will do work according to your selection or will give different suggestions that will help you in the selection of video format.